Economical-Everlasting-Renewable Energy Solution

Economical, Knowledgeable and Experienced

with 9+ Years as an ‘Energy Management & Renewable Energy Solutions Provider’, DNA Energie offers you robust solution at economical cost, Savings to-date RM56mil and Clients’ Operational Expenses reduced by 11%

Tested, Proven & Project-Oriented

We are ready to deploy, operate and maintain solar energy systems across the globe, with
18+ satisfied clients,
172 new international and domestic energy projects,
with a total volume of 11GW.


We provide full scale solution starting from Engineering to Procurement to Construction till Commissioning at all Global locations, with
▪ Full Turnkey Solution,
▪ Remote Monitoring,
▪ 25 Year Warranty,
▪ Dedicated Hotline to Call-in.

Innovative Financing Solutions

DNA Energie team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy financing solutions tailored to the clients’ needs, at most economical cost, with 4 projects financed
including EPCC and Clients have generated trade-able carbon credits.

Discover Our Capability

Power Your Company with High-Quality Solar Energy System

If you are excited about investing in solar renewable energy, you require professionals who understand the whole process of solar energy system integration and functioning. Cooperating with the specialists from the EPCC company DNA Energie equals being confident that you will get the right engineering techniques and the correct selection of the products for your project. We, at DNA Energie, ensure that your solar energy project will progress from its initial stage to its long and efficient operation.

DNA Energie EPCC Process


  • Site Auditing
  • Basic Engineering
  • Technical Planning
  • Detail Engineering


  • Customized Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Invoicing
  • Logistics & Transport


  • Civil & Structural Construction
  • Mechanical Erection
  • Electrical Installation
  • Consulting
  • Quality Inspection


  • Testing & Commissioning
  • After-sales-service
  • Modernization of plants
  • Consulting
  • Remote management

DNA Energie is an EPCC solar renewable energy company. EPCC stands for Engineering Procurement, Construction, and Commission. Our experienced and highly motivated EPCC firm works as the owner of the contractor firm’s engineering, production, delivery, operation activities and maintenance including the whole process of operation from the preparation of the prospective project to delivery and service.

1. Complete know how of:

a. Scope and the specifications of the plant

b. Quality

c. Project duration

d. Cost of the project

2. Increase transparency and status updates for the client.

3. Easy work and growth of the company.

4. Single point of contact for the client simplifies communications.

5. Ready availability of post-commissioning services.

6. Ensures quality and reduces practical issues faced in other ways.

7. Client protected against changing prices for materials, labor, etc.


Cutting-Edge Solar Renewable Energy Solutions

DNA Energie is a company which realizes innovative solar energy financial solutions for various investors and companies. With our ambitious plans for future high-end development, we focus on engineering and fresh financing solutions, taking into account environment-friendly approaches, profitability for our clients, and energy efficiency.

Experience Solar Renewable Energy

We Create and Manage Sustainable Projects

We develop efficient projects for you to get benefits from risk-free renewable energy sources keeping in mind the necessity of nature protection and natural damage mitigation. Want to know more about our successful eco-friendly projects? Subscribe and get the latest news in the field!